Who we are

Industry Ags is an English-language local daily newspaper, headquartered in Aguascalientes, with a special emphasis on business and economic news.

Industry Ags made its first foray into the online world with the launch of industryags.com. This provided a summary of news from around Aguascalientes. The site was funded by advertising and contributes to the online advertising market in Aguascalientes.

Industry Ags will introduce subscription services in 2020 and its readers are amongst the most senior industrial decision makers in Aguascalientes.

Industry Ags is considered the most important business read and is regarded as the most credible publication in reporting economic and business issues among its audience.

Industry Ags covers domestic and international news, editorial commentary on politics and economics from Industry Ags journalists such as PhD. Daniel Figueroa and opinion pieces from globally renowned leaders, policymakers, academics and commentators. The magazine also consists of financial data and news about companies in Aguascalientes and the Industrial Corridor located in central Mexico.