In order to strengthen the development of agroindustrial businesses of Aguascalientes, the Governor of the State, Martín Orozco Sandoval, announced an investment of 160 million pesos that will be allocated to programs that will boost the agricultural sectors, livestock and agroindustrial, in addition to 53 million pesos for water, with a total amount of more than 200 million pesos.

Orozco pointed out that through this important investment, more than 2,440 producers, 10 million users, 1,000 irrigation users, 200 agroindustrial companies, 150 livestock projects and 90 production units were benefited, in addition to the acquisition of 300 animals; the purchase of 130 new tractors and the repair of another 300.

Orozco met with producers of 11 municipalities of the state, and mentioned that thanks to this new investment, the state budget will increase in 35% in order to help out the local economy continue to diversify and consolidate. Likewise, Orozco indicated that 21 support programs will be carried out, which will be operated by the Rural Development and Agribusiness Secretariat (SEDRAE).

Finally, he pointed out that the entity received an additional 57 million pesos from the government of Mexico and a call was made to the federal authorities to allocate more resources to increase agroindustrial productivity, as well as social and economic development of families.

During the presentation, the director of SEDRAE, Manuel Alejandro González Martínez, said that these programs are intended to boost the profitability of activities in the field, incentives for technology, equipment and machinery for production units.

The event that took place at the Technological University of North Aguascalientes (UTNA), followed by a tractor exhibition provided by 12 distributing companies and a total of 36 units.


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