Students from the Master of Public Administration for International Development at Harvard University presented the results of the study and analysis applied to the Aguascalientes economic plans and projects projected in the 2045 vision to Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval.

During the meeting, the state leader reiterated that the economy is one of the most important issues for his administration, so this type of contributions from experts are transcendental to define the path to success.

Graduate students Homa Taheri, Joao Alcántara and Ben Grozier, from Iran, Brazil and the United Kingdom, respectively, for two weeks reviewed in detail the economic dynamics of the state and made some recommendations to enhance the growth or development of Aguascalientes.

They explained that the conclusion was reached to continue promoting economic diversification, mainly towards the technological sectors where the greatest added value is reported; the permanent impetus to micro, small and medium-sized companies with a technological base, to try to incorporate them into the supply chains of the large assemblers installed in the entity and increase the workforce through the inclusion of more women at all professional levels .

The postgraduates of Harvard recognized that important efforts have been made in Aguascalientes to maintain a thriving economy, and they even affirmed that the State Government has adhered to the guidelines set by the World Bank in this matter.

They specified that in the summary of the recommendations on public policies are included, in a very specific way, steps to follow in the short term to further catapult the economy, among which are to offer certifications to the personnel of the industries, since they considered that It is not enough to have engineers, but to be specialists in their area, as well as facilities that make it possible to reduce the gender gap in the labor sector, such as, for example, installing day-care centers in work centers.


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