In order to strengthen economic strategies and inhibit employment discrimination, the Plenary of the LXIV Legislature unanimously approved the ruling that resolves various initiatives that reform the Law for the Promotion of Economy, Investment and Employment for the State of Aguascalientes, to grant fiscal incentives to those companies that hire people over 35 years of age.

In the same way, a new chapter is added to promote the commercialization of merchandise with the “Aguascalientes Brand” logo.

The reform to the State Law of Promotion for the Economy, the Investment and the Employment, also foresees the granting of credits to established small companies that wish to extend their commercial activities.

In this regard, the deputy Salvador Pérez Sánchez, promoter of one of the initiatives, stressed that this modification will inhibit the labor discrimination that occurs mainly due to age, which will favor that a segment of society has the right to a source of income that allow them to access a decent life.

On the other hand, the legislator Karina Banda Iglesias, expressed her support for this position to prosper and thus contribute to the economic and social development of the population. Likewise, she anticipated that she would present a Point of Agreement to urge the Consultative Council of the Economic Development Secretariat to meet soon to consolidate support for this sector of the population that is entitled to a source of employment.


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