The State governor Martín Orozco was part of the meeting ofthe Industrial Group of Aguascalientes, where it was announced that Jaliscowill join the regional effort of the four Bajio states that was recentlysigned, which will allow for a more integrated economic and social growth.

The governor acknowledged the work of the president of theBoard of Directors Salvador Alcalá, who concludes his term at the head of theGIA, while wishing Ivan Hazael Sánchez López, its new president, a greatestsuccess at the head of this industrial organization.

Similarly, he reaffirmed the absolute respect of the current administration towards the freedoms of business organizations and society so that together they continue to consolidate the economic and social development of the entity.

He pointed out that what is sought is that businessmen, investors and every inhabitant of the state do well, that there is a strong social fabric and a first world economy that make their benefits reach every family in Aguascalientes.

Later in the framework of this event the personal merit award was given to Ramón Medrano Ibarra, as well as the award for excellence to Donaldson company led by Guillermo Briseño.


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