The governor recognizes the work of the textile and clothing business council The governor Martín Orozco Sandoval met with members of the Textile and Garment Business Council (CETEC), to whom he endorsed his support to continue working on the development of school uniforms, in addition to finding new niches within the government so they can make other garments in uniform.

In his message he expressed that he will seek the possibility that in the Health Sector they can be incorporated to elaborate the medical uniforms and personnel of the care units, with the objective of increasing their participation in different instances.

The governor of the State indicated that the textile sector of Aguascalientes has a great tradition in the state and continues to generate wealth, jobs and welfare for the families of the state.

He stressed that like other sectors that generate employment in the state, textile industry entrepreneurs should continue to strengthen the economy, especially seeking new technologies, development of new products, and raw materials.

During the event that took place in the Barrio de Triana, Orozco Sandoval endorsed the commitment of the government to continue working with the Cetec, because it has worked with transparency in the development of school uniforms.

In his message José de Jesús Martínez Marmolejo, president of Cetec, A.C . thanked the governor for the support given to the group of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs who, committed to Aguascalientes, have worked with care one more year in the school uniform of the students of the schools of the entity.

In turn, Francisca López González, representing the owners of maquiladoras that participated in the preparation of school uniforms pointed out that the majority of the people who participated in the elaboration of the garments had the support of being able to develop this work from their homes.


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