The Governor of the State, Martín Orozco Sandoval, gave support to wine growers with an investment of more than 9 million pesos of government resources and the contribution of the beneficiaries, to continue promoting this activity of great tradition in the State.

The state governor said that the current administration supports the agriculture industry of Aguascalientes, proof of which is reflected in each visit to the rural area where they always provide support in conjunction with the State, Federal Government and producers for the benefit of citizens.

He said that due to the transparent management of resources it has been possible to help a large number of producers in all areas, to generate greater development in this sector that is so important for the state.

 For his part, the secretary of Rural Development and Agribusiness, Manuel Alejandro González Martínez, said that 4 million 310 thousand pesos were channeled for the strengthening of vineyards and more than 3 million for the acquisition of anti-hail nets for the benefit of 117 wine growers.

With regard to the Program of Productive Reconversion, the official stressed that an area of 114.4 hectares is supported with vine seedlings with government resources for one million pesos, while the contribution of the producers is 111 thousand pesos.

In his speech, the president of the Council of Viticulturists of Aguascalientes, Rafael Guillermo Garza García, said that the country contributes only 30 percent of the demand that the market is requesting as far as table wines are concerned, that is why at the National and specifically at the state level is working hand in hand with the state government, the SEDRAE and Viticulturists to diversify and increase the supply of grapes for table wines, since much of the wine production is aimed at the development of juices and concentrates. He also thanked the State administration headed by Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval, for the interest shown in support for the winemakers of the entity.

 For his part, Juan Ramón Hernández, on behalf of the producers, said that there is motivation, commitment, to do things well to increase the productivity and health of the product to offer consumers a clean grape without contaminants.

Finally, supports from the Catastrophic Agricultural Insurance were given to 61 grape growers and 6 chile growers that were affected in an area of 122 hectares, for which they received a government support of 305 thousand 305 pesos.


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