The governor of the state, Martín Orozco Sandoval, announced the plaque with which the primary school of Nissan Distributors No. 95, of the subdivision Villas del Vergel, of San Francisco de los Romo, which was donated by the Foundation Distributors of Nissan, was inaugurated, with an investment of 6.5 million pesos for the benefit of 220 students.

During the ceremony held in that primary school, the governor of the state, recognized the social commitment of the companies and the responsibility they have to cooperate with governments in the economic field of education and bring benefits to society, as in this case to the students of the municipality of San Francisco de los Romo.He noted that during this year the state government, delivered seven new schools east of the city and this is the eighth primary that comes to support the growth that is having the state capital, as well as the municipalities of Jesus María and San Francisco de los Romo.

He highlighted the important work of the teaching staff of the entity, who pointed out that teachers are truly committed to the education of children and young people of the entity; since there is a pending teaching that the days of classes are completed so that education can continue with good results.

During the event, the Governor of the State, with the purpose of supporting the institution, through the Institute of Education of Aguascalientes, undertook to provide computer equipment to the school, for the benefit of the students.In his participation, Rodrigo González Obregón, deputy commercial director of Nissan López y González, said that this is the third school that they donate in Aguascalientes and number 95 nationwide.

For his part, Carlos Escoto Herrera, director of the National Association of Automobile Distributors Nissan AC, mentioned that in 17 years he has been able to support children in rural areas and unprotected spaces so that they can learn and play, for this to happen. For each Nissan vehicle that is sold, the distributor donates a quantity of resources, which are managed by the foundation and in this way more schools are built.It should be noted that the Number 95 Primary School of Nissan Distributors, consists of six classrooms, a multipurpose room, a warehouse, a civic playground, restrooms with facilities for the disabled, and water fountains.

During the event, outstanding students were handed the symbolic delivery of six backpacks, sports equipment, first aid kits, school uniforms and tablets.


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