Aguascalientes obtained the first national place in the Index of Financial Performance of the Federative Entities 2018 (IDFEF) carried out by A-regional consulting.

González de León, Secretary of Finance, reported that A-regional consulting ranks Aguascalientes in the first place with the highest score on a scale of 100 in the indicator, reaching the highest score with 90.5 out of 100 possible points, above the national average which was 68.2 points .

The Secretary of Finance indicated that the state governments were qualified for their performance in the control of administrative expenses, the generation of income, reduced balances in their finances throughout the previous year, debt management, control of administrative expenses, savings internal and efforts to channel resources towards productive investment.

The state official said that the A-regional consulting stresses that the estimated results reflect the efforts and work of each federative entity to obtain better control and improvement of its public finances.

It should be noted that Aguascalientes in the IDFEF was followed by Querétaro with 86.4, Hidalgo with 82.4, State of Mexico with 80.4 and Puebla with 80.2, the five best evaluated by the consulting group.


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