The governor Martín Orozco Sandoval delivered resources from the Migrant Support Fund program for the installation of 88 productive projects with an investment of two million 900 thousand pesos to Panamanians repatriated from the United States.

During the event, the president reiterated his commitment to generate more employment opportunities for migrants in exchange; He said that thanks to the sum of resources from state and federal governments, is that deported migrants can reintegrate into economic activity.

He mentioned that among the main projects that will be developed with these resources are the breeding and fattening of animals, the commercial opening of upholstery, carpentry, grocery stores, as he said, with discipline and work objectives.

In his speech, the Secretary of Social Development of the State, Julio César Medina Delgado, explained that for the current state administration it is a priority to support migrants and generate opportunities for those who are back in their places of origin, to have the possibility to start a business that allows them to move forward and improve their economic situation.

He highlighted that the beneficiaries of the program presented a self-employment project and were trained to start the business in their communities of origin, and thus be able to grow economically, generate benefits for their families and avoid emigration again.

For his part, Candelario Durón Maldonado, beneficiary of the municipality of Tepezalá, thanked the support given by the Government and said that, with this program, he can start a business, have a secure income, but above all, be able to remain together with his family.

Subsequently, awards were given to successful projects from 2017, like Joaquín Reyes Campos, who is dedicated to the rental of construction equipment; Jorge Vela Lucio, to carpentry; Rafael Hernández Durón, to the raising of calves.



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